The Challenge is an off road and self navigated challenge through the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside around Stevenage.

This is the 26th year of this event.

RUN or WALK our classic off-road courses

Half Marathon, 18miles, Full Marathon or 50k Ultra.

The event will be held under ARC rules.

This year the Challenge will be held on Sunday 19th of July 2020.

Participants will be free to start shortly after 08:00 and before 10:00 and must check in at the Start before leaving.

Mass starts will be.
8:00 Ultra
8:15 Full Marathon
8:30 18 mile
8:45  Half Marathon

19:00 Finish/Cut-Off

Number pickup is at registration on the day.

Final Instructrions are available for download here and will be emailled out.